October 16, 2008



Last night, my husband and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary…a few days late, yes..but we celebrated all the same. The day had come and gone so quickly hand in hand with another wedding. Well not just another wedding. ..a really fun, elegant, dreamy 300 person wedding and so of course my husband and I decided our anniversary would never know if we postponed it until the weekend was over and opted to sort escort cards and tie ribbons until late into the night.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel as if I missed out on anything at all. I got to sit and spend time talking with my husband who never complained. I also decided that spending time tying ribbons and sorting cards with this man was a gift of its own… because what husband, other than an amazingly supportive husband, would make me feel that anything that was important to me was important to him, even if it were tying ribbons and sorting cards.

Dinner was on the water at Jake’s last night. I wore my dress, the one I wore after the ceremony on our wedding day…just as I do every year, the same one I wore when I heard him first sing the song he wrote to me. It was a gorgeous night and I stared at him wondering how 5 years passed so quickly. He reminded me that we would be together for a googol years . I actually learned what a googol was for the first time(10 to the 1ooth power, maybe you already knew that)….but that’s a really long time.

After hula pie, we headed for home picking up our sleepy kids on the way. Sleepy definitely equaled grumpy. By the time we were back, Milla was crying and not wanting to fall back asleep, Finn was screaming that he didn’t want to wear pull-ups to bed and that he was a big boy and the trash needed to be taken out for the morning and the dishes needed to be done. Every ounce of romance quickly flew out the window. I hung up my dress and searched for something comfortable…and by something comfortable I mean warm pajama bottoms and my husband’s T-shirt. Soon enough though the kids were asleep and we were exhausted. In all the chaos, we had forgotten our dance.

In pajamas, my husband grabbed my hand to dance our first dance for the fifth time. There in our bedroom, among toys on the floor, he held me close and twirled me to our song as I tried to regain some dance moves from the year before. He’s always been a better dancer than me. I felt as if I was in my wedding dress again, staring in to his eyes as everything else disappeared around us. Suddenly a googol didn’t seem like such a long time. Happy anniversary husband. You still sweep me off my feet. I love you.

the Fifth dance…