October 14, 2008



Okay…so from the moment I saw these two together at another wedding I was doing, I literally turned to my husband and whispered to him “I want to plan their wedding”. Little did I know that Jill and Glenn had just begun dating at the time…and little did I know that that very thing was really going to happen. There really was going to be a wedding and I was going to get to be a part of it! I was immediately drawn to them as a couple. They emoted not only so much sweetness with each other…but they were also captivating.

It was so clear from that first small glimpse I saw them together, that they were


to be together, even then, in the early stages. They truly have found something really special.

These images may just be some of my very favorite from


! They really all are incredible and show just how fun these two are. Don’t you just want to hang out with them and ride ferris wheels and rollercoasters? 🙂 Natalie circled Jill’s ring here, which is beyond gorgeous, but Glenn’s face here I think is even more priceless. I love the way he is looking at her.

Jill and Glenn, I couldn’t be more excited to share this journey with you!

Glenn + Jill: Engaging