October 17, 2008



So I have been having an impossible time narrowing which of these fun photos to share from our photo backdrop this last weekend at Andrea & Brian’s wedding. Nathan Petty , a wed snaps guru really knew how to pull out a crazy side with the guests and I had so much fun looking through the results. Clearly this was not your ordinary group. The room was full of more beautiful people than I could count and they were all so full of personality and style. What a splendid night this was! Thanks to Nathan for having so much fun with it and doing such a great job.

This guy in the brown vest may look serious…but maybe you haven’t seen him on the dance floor!…When the coat came off there were more serious moves than you could ever imagine.

Leo Patrone our Photographer with Jonathan Canlas stepped in for a little photo opp.

They definitely know what to do in FRONT of a camera as well. 🙂

I love that Andrea’s friends are holding a picture of her. So cute.
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