March 16, 2009



The weather forecast showed a chance of rain for Jan 17th…and with no option for a tent, there was some serious praying for sunshine going on. When the day finally came, it brought clear skies with it and a huge sigh of relief. We were lucky enough to be able use the umbrellas solely for decor! I loved the look of the upside down hanging umbrellas in all shades of pinks and blue. These were so fun we just had to re-purpose them for the reception.
With this wedding we wanted to give it a real “streets of Paris” feel and what better way to do that than with different french shops and bakeries. We built custom pink and white stripe backdrops and hung painted wood french signs to differentiate the food stations, bring in the color and tie the decor together. I was so happy with how it turned out! Here the bride and groom share a quiet moment in the “La Maison du Chocolat” or “House of Chocolate”, where custom made white bakery cases were stocked with all types of delicious treats, tarts, and chocolate croissants. We also had a hot chocolate station here to keep guests warm in what we were anticipating to be a cold January day. Pink bakery boxes were adorned with various printed papers and tied with twine.

Guests both old and young lined up at the bakery to choose their favorites. I loved how the server behind the counter, dressed in french bakery attire, looked just like the french cook from Ratatouille. 🙂 It made us smile.

tables were set with a bold palette of pinks and navy. Massed roses, pink peonies and tulips were held in french transfer ware vases.
The cake was delicious and stenciled with light blue fleur de lis and bold stripes on the bottom tier, accented with blue hydrangea.

there was of course a flower market…what would the streets of Paris be with out one? Tin buckets held hand tied bunches of flowers in shades of every pink imaginable for guests to take as favors on their way out.

Oh, the delicious French Patisserie! This was a station complete with well, crepes of course!

the boulangerie….held baguettes, and cheese…lots of cheese…for Chris, the groom, who loves cheese! 🙂

grilled chicken sandwiches and french onion soup were also on the menu~
floating candles and transfer ware balls danced in the fountain
and Kristin and Chris danced…..
I loved their first dance. They spontaneously both broke in to freestyle at the fast awkward part of the song and then came back together again to finish. So cute! Love these guys! It made us all smile.

Kristin’s Dance with her Dad. I love this picture. It truly captures Kristin’s sweetness. I can only imagine how hard it was for her Dad to let her go that day.

Petal cones in coordinating paper were fashioned with ribbon and hung on an
old whitewashed board for guests to grab to toss as the couple exited.

kiss kiss kiss. love love love. You two are both so adorable. My time with you was not nearly long enough! I still cannot believe that this came together in only a little over a month. It would only be possible with a couple as wonderful as you! Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for being such an inspiration. It was a beautiful day, no rain, no clouds…just how I would predict the rest of your future together. Much Love to you both! Many thanks to Jamie Hammond for her beautiful photography and for another fun day!

Kristin & Chris: Ooh la la! part 2