May 7, 2009



So…the week has continued to get more interesting. Excuse me all my beautiful brides who are looking for pretty things. I’m venturing into the darker side of wedding planning. Last night as I was having my husband put the finishing touches on a cake box we were making for his brother’s wedding something went awry. The safety on the nail gun wasn’t working and accidentally sent a full long nail through his finger. I’m talking through the bone. Yuck!! He was off to the hospital with his Dad who had been there just less than a week earlier with his daughter. Talk about one crazy week. 🙁

While he was gone, Finn’s Uncle Todd decided to Doctor up Finn to look like his Daddy so he could surprise him when he got back. Finn being the true natural actor he is, put on his best grumpy face and gave us a good laugh. I have the real pictures of Troy’s finger but decided they might scare some of you out there the way they did me. Oh my …it still makes me shiver thinking about it. Anyway the nail is now out after some bolt cutters, pliers, a good doctor and a lot of onlooking nursers. My poor husband. There’s nothing like a little physical pain to distract you from the emotional pain. Here’s to hoping next week is full of pretty posts.

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cake box casualty