August 23, 2010



Today you are 5. You still fill my life with music and laughter and now the occasional random facts about dinosaurs. You still dress up as a knight and fight dragons while rescuing your sister the princess and you still plan on marrying Tinkerbell. You still love bean and cheese burritos. You say you were cooked on them because I ate so many while you were in my belly. You still come in to snuggle with me when you have a bad dream and you still hold my hand. I hope you’ll hold it forever. Today I told you I loved you and you told me you knew that already. I told you I didn’t want you to ever forget. You said you’d never forget even when you got big because you would always take visits to me and all the people you love. I thought for a moment how that was a long way off and then I remembered that….

You’ll be heading off to kindergarten next week. It has come so quickly. so so quickly. BUT…I think you are ready. This year has been one of great milestones:
You have cut your sister’s hair this year…I mean really cut it! You have learned to operate the tv remote control all by your self and purchase Spanish pay per view movies…all by yourself. You have graduated from pre-school and flooded grandpa’s house. You have your first backpack and your first pair of glasses which you love and look incredibly handsome in. You have learned to read a little bit and make the perfect smoothie. You learned how to snowboard and formed your first band. You can buckle your seat belt all by yourself and tie your shoe with care and a little patience.
I am so amazed by you everyday and feel so incredibly lucky to be your mommy. I love you my birthday boy! I can’t wait to see what this next year holds.

Finn with his best friends and band mates, Noah and Carson.

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