October 19, 2010



We loved sharing the details with you from the first half of Lauren + Michael’s wedding and could not wait to get the pictures up from the rest of the magical night!

Simply gorgeous and delicious cake from Carrie’s Cakes. This beautiful cake complemented the rest of the reception so perfectly, not to mention the bride’s dress, which was part of the pattern on the cake!

The cake looks so divine in this picture!

How beautiful does the reception tent look at night? You wou
ldn’t believe the party that was going on inside : )

The bridal party surprised guests, as well as the bride, with their hilarious choreographed dance!

The groom couldn’t help getting in on some of the dance party action!

We are soooo in love with the ridiculously cute dress that Lauren changed into for their send-off! Can’t believe she and her Mom made the dress themselves!

Thanks so much to Nicole Hill Gerulat for sharing these breathtaking pictures from the couple’s big day! Best wishes, Lauren + Mike!

Sew in Love: the party