July 6, 2012




Summer in San Diego starts off with an overcast marine layer. We call it May Gray and June Gloom.  With July finally here we are still searching for that sun. We might have to participate in some sort of sun dance in hopes that some shine will make an appearance for our two weddings this weekend. You heard right, two. We are on our toes!

Speaking of our weddings have you seen our snippets of our work board on our pinterest? If not, don’t be shy! Come check us out, we won’t mind. While you are at it here are some things to make you go hmmm…

Are flower crowns the new veil?
Braids for the boho bride
60 Summer Good Things
This pattern, loving the colors
Paper flowers and toppers on your cake, why not?
Add some twinkle to your shoes

What is your weekend looking like? Do you have clear skies and warm weather in your forecast?

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