We’re taking a look back at one of our favorite playful weddings from last year that was recently featured on Martha Stewart with our darlings, Richelle and Tom! Inspired by our bride’s impressive collection of dresses, many of which were Kate Spade, we designed a Kate Spade-esqe evening at Darlington House in La Jolla that inspired us to escape the ordinary. We honored our bride’s bubbly, feminine style with funky print invitations and paper elements by Peanut Press, and gorgeous bright pink blooms by Tint and Timber. Guests found their names among confetti crackers calligraphed by Twinkle and Toast that led them to their seats. The dessert table was to die for and anything but ordinary with, of course, chocolate covered bacon. One of the highlights of their wedding for us was creating their story wall with the help of Backup Backdrops which also served as photo backdrop and entry. Here’s a little snippet of how it all began:

Richelle, a legal assistant, and Thomas, a lawyer, met in a fitting place: law school. Thanks to assigned seating, they landed next to each other in an early morning class. Richelle was awake enough to notice the cute guy to her side—and that he arrived promptly each day with a container of bacon. But seeing as neither of them are morning people, there wasn’t much chit chat. The following semester, Richelle and her friend needed another person to carpool with to score a good parking spot, so they decided to invite Tom. He lived downtown and didn’t need to drive, but was more than happy to have a free ride. So the girls picked him up on the way to school, usually stopping for coffee, and drove back in the afternoon—getting to know each other along the way. Their time spent carpooling turned to love as they spent the summer together, and led to a proposal on an evening walk with their adorable pup, Maxamillion!

The story that inspired it all led to the couple bidding farewell to their guests in a cute lovebug after having dined and danced the night away. While the wedding has come and gone, we love that their story wall has found a permanent place in their home and is something they can continue to cherish throughout the years. Cue the confetti!

Real Wedding: Escape the Ordinary