August 5, 2016




She’s from Wichita. He’s from Cincinnati.

They met in Austin, Texas.

She’s a dentist. He’s a dental engineer manager. They share a love of teeth.

He loves Boys II Men. She loves Step Brothers and Kate Hudson movies.

He loves cheese. She loves oysters.

She craves cake pops and birthday cake. He craves…. hummus.

She’s a Serena Van der Woodsen and he’s a Nate Archibald.

She loves peonies, ranunculus, and anemones. He was told he does not like carnations.

On a cold day she drinks a chai tea latte. On a hot day he sips on a Knob Creek Rocks.

He can make her laugh when she’s crying. She makes him want to be a better man.

She flew to San Diego to visit. He bought her a golden retriever. They named her Cali.

They’re getting married tomorrow. And us? We can’t wait.

Swooning over their romantic twilight engagement shoot.. It’s sure to be a fun day tomorrow, follow along with us on Instagram @Amorology for all the beautiful images that are sure to come. We’ll be bringing you so many fun touches that’ll make you actually excited to visit your dentist! 🙂

Engaging: Megan + Nick