September 19, 2019



When our sweet bride shared her love for all things Jane Austen and our groom expressed his classic modern style, we knew we were in for a day filled with all things Old World Charm. A mix of earthy tones, soft blushes, and deep tones of forest green are giving us the perfect mix of classic romance. Warm spices flowing through the air with Garden Roses, Dahlia’s, and bundles of lush greenery under the tent will play into feeling as if we are in the English countryside among warm wood textures.

With our couples shared passion for the great outdoors and our groom being from Chicago we couldn’t help ourselves but incorporate the Windy City. And just to give a little hint, brass belled wind chimes might be that little something we have up our sleeve!

We absolutely adore everything about this big day and can’t wait to share more! Stay tuned for what’s to come in the next few weeks!

What’s in our File: Old World Charm