October 3, 2012



Isn’t this backdrop so bright and fun? Definitely what we love here at amorology!  While we’re typically all about creating custom unique backdrops for our clients, our amazing bride Susie actually created this masterpiece …which of course gives us an endless appreciation for the time that went into it! When brides use their talents to add personal touches to their wedding, it always makes a difference in the atmosphere on the big day. We believe in those personal touches and felt spoiled to get to work with such a crafty bride!

Acqua Photo provided the base and the bride took over the design. Susie used this paper pinwheel art tutorial and added wooden clothespins to the back of each one. This ended up being helpful when the time came to move the backdrop from their living room to the wedding venue. A time capsule video of the assembly was put together and can be viewed here. Susie will also be adding some more tips on her wedding site in the near future.

Thanks for sharing Susie!

DIY: Paper Pinwheel Backdrop